B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology, formerly B. S. Abdur Rahman University, is a private university located in Tamil Nadu, India. Previously, functioning under Madras University and Anna University as Crescent Engineering College, the institute gained deemed status in 2008–09.


Programming in JAVA Laboratory

MRS. S. MANJULA Crescent

Advanced Technology Laboratory (Cloud / Mobile / Data Science)

MRS. S. MANJULA Crescent (and 2 more)

Communication Skills Laboratory

Dr. Uma Maheswari

Digital Marketing

Dr. E. Jeslin Renjith

Introduction to Data Science

Dr. E. Jeslin Renjith

Mobile Application Development

MRS. S. MANJULA Crescent

Cloud Computing

Dr. Maheswari

Resource Management Techniques

Mrs. Jayanthi V

Programming in Java

Dr. Maheswari

Management Concepts

Dr. Chandrika Srinivas (and 1 more)

Managerial Economics

Dr. Khalid Waheed (and 1 more)

Statistics for Decision Making

Mrs. Jayanthi V (and 1 more)

Accounting for Managers

Dr. Panboli S (and 2 more)

Organizational Behavior

Dr. Takhellambam Rocky Devi (and 1 more)

Legal Aspects of Business

Dr. Joseph Mary Rahila (and 2 more)

Entrepreneurship Development

Mr. Chandra Shekhar S (and 2 more)

Computer Applications in Business Lab

Dr. Prasanna S (and 2 more)

Business Communication Lab

Dr. Vijayakumar S (and 2 more)

Strategic Management

DR. S. BHUVANESWARI Crescent (and 2 more)

Human Resources Management

DR. S. RABIYATHUL BASARIYA Crescent (and 1 more)
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